Abnormal sound and Overheating failure of auto ac compressor

Abnormal sound of auto ac compressor

If some part of the auto ac compressor fails, an abnormal sound will be emitted. Generally, the operator can distinguish abnormal sounds. The gap between the piston and the cylinder head is too small and directly impacts; the piston rod and the piston connecting nut are loose or tripped; the end of the piston is blocked, and the piston moves upward against the cylinder head. Both the metal fragments in the cylinder and the water accumulated in the cylinder will knock on the door in the cylinder. The crankshaft bolts, nuts, connecting rod bolts, crosshead bolts in the crankcase are loose, tripped, broken, etc., the shaft diameter is severely worn, the gap is increased, the gap between the crosshead pin and the bush is too large or the wear is serious. A knock is heard in the crankcase. Breaking of the exhaust valve plate, soft or damaged valve spring, improper adjustment of the load regulator, etc., the knocking sound will be emitted into the valve cavity. This is to find the fault and take measures.

Overheating failure of car ac compressor

In the friction between the crankshaft and the bearing, the crosshead and the slider, the packing and the piston rod, the temperature exceeds the specified value, which is called overheating. The consequences of overheating: one is to accelerate the wear of the friction pair, and the other is to accumulate and burn the friction surface due to excessive heat and cause a major accident. The main reasons for bearing overheating are: uneven bearing or journal contact or too small contact area; bearing deflection, crankshaft bending, lubricating oil viscosity too small, oil circuit blockage, oil pump failure, oil cut, etc.; no gap, spindle and motor shaft Misaligned, and both axes are tilted.


Post time: Jan-14-2021